15-year-old stages own kidnap, demands ransom from father

15-year-old stages own kidnap, demands ransom from father

A 15-year-old Nigerian boy has been arrested for demanding a ransom from his father after staging his own kidnap with his friends in the central city of Jos.

According to the local press, the teenager and four accomplices aged between 15 and 22, were apprehended by police after demanding a 500,000-naira (Shs 140, 000) ransom from his distressed father.

Speaking to Journalists, the minor said that he initiated the plan with his friends in order to enable him to buy clothes and celebrate his graduation.

“I was the one who initiated the plan and not my friends. I wanted my father to give me money for clothes and to also celebrate my graduation,” he said.

Days before the incident, the boy's father had sold his car to raise money for school fees for his children and to pay household bills.  From the sale, the father earned the exact amount that the boys later demanded.

"It was staged perfectly", Plateau State police chief Terna Tyopev told the press, adding that "They called the father and told him his son was taken outside of the state and that if he called the police, they would kill him,"

But the father still alerted the police, after his son had been "held" for days.

Police said they used the telephone number of the alleged kidnappers to track them to a house in the same city.

"We are detaining them to ascertain why they did it and whether they have been behind other kidnaps that have been occurring in the area," Tyopev said.