Blu 3 re-union: Did Jacky Chandiru snub Cindy in Nairobi?

Blu 3 re-union: Did Jacky Chandiru snub Cindy in Nairobi?

Did Jackie Chandiru of defunct Ugandan all-female group Blu 3 snub former bandmate Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy in Kenya?

According to Sqoop, Cindy reached out to Cindy on learning that she was in Nairobi with her Dutch husband, Nol Van Vliet, in hope of a reunion to no avail

Chandiru is said to have been flown out to Europe by her husband on learning that Cindy was seeking to reconnect, revive the iconic band, with the now recovering star after years of drug abuse, ill health and several stints in rehab.

The outlet say that Cindy was hoping to have Chandiru and fellow Blu 3 icon Lillian Mbabazi attend and perform at her concert on March 8.

“I have been practicing with Lilian for my Boom Party show and I would really want to have Jackie too. But I haven’t been successful in getting her,” Cindy is quoted saying.

A u-turn for Chandiru after revealing in 2019 that she would be pleased if the Kampala based band got together once again.

Speaking to NBS Uncut in June that year, Chandiru explained that the dark episode robbed her of friends and career.

“I could no longer socialise with my friends, I could no longer write music and this led to me being hospitalised for some time. My marriage was affected by my drug use because no one wants a partner who uses drugs but luckily enough my husband was supportive and helped me get the help I needed,” she narrated.

She a month ago excited Blu 3 fans with a photo documenting her transformation soon after her husband, Nol Van Vliet, flew her out of Uganda for special care.

Four months earlier, events organiser Balaam Barugaha had revealed that she was in a dire state, and, needed between Sh63,000-Sh88,000 a month for doctor visits and counselling aside from basic needs.

Six months earlier Chandiru had collapsed at the Makerere University Business School while speaking during an Anti-Drug Use Campaign and rushed to the Naguru Hospital in a terrible condition.

At Naguru, her bills reportedly hit the roof and took the help of well-wishers to offset it.