Bomet: Church pianist beaten after being busted fondling married woman

Bomet: Church pianist beaten after being busted fondling married woman

How many times should randy men be told flirting with a married woman is tantamount to playing with ‘naked electricity wires’?

A church pianist in the outskirts of Bomet Town is bitterly regretting why he took to heart the adages “stolen pleasures are the sweetest” and went ahead to fool around with a married choir member at his church.

Even after being sternly warned, the musician, commonly referred to as Brother Paul, went ahead and played with fire. He is reported to have secretly been engaging in ‘amorous congresses’ with the woman, identified as Abigail.

Fact that Brother Paul had been flirting and fooling with the married woman had become an open secret to other choir members.

But the seemingly randy pianist threw caution to the wind and pushed the joke even further by occasionally sneaking into the woman’s house in the absence of her husband, a certain Raphael.

“The charade had gone on for a while, until a fortnight ago when the woman’s husband, acting on a tip off, cornered the two love birds in his house and savagely unleashed terror on the man,” said Ernest Kibet, a neighbour.

What had begun as an innocent home visit went on repeatedly, causing Raphael to get suspicious. Coupled with the fact that his wife had developed a habit of getting home late, claiming that’s she had gone for piano lessons, Raphael had every reason to get worried.

“Matters got worse when Abigail began acting in unusual manner. She, for instance, would stay till late chatting on her phone, instead of joining me in bed,” her husband complained.

She is also reported to have allegedly short-changed her husband of his conjugal rights, while feigning work-related stress or not being in the best of mood for it.

“Unable to tolerate his wife’s change of attitude, the husband is reported to have warned on her relationship with the pianist, which was driving a wedge in their marriage in vain,” Kibet added.

Surprisingly, the furious wife instead took a swipe at him, accusing him of being irritatingly jealous and insecure. And while downplaying any romantic relationship, she blamed him for being so antisocial and a sorry introvert who didn’t even have close friends or drinking buddies, as is common to most men.

Poop, however, hit the fan when Raphael returned home during the weekend a fortnight ago, only to find the wife and Brother Paul fondling on the sofa, only for them to disentangle and jerk upright, pretending to have been watching TV.

It was at this point that the enraged husband attacked the duo, raining kicks and blows on them. The violent and noisy commotion attracted curious neighbours before some intervened and rescued them before the pianist bolted out of the house at maximum speed.

The stability of the marriage remains unclear, but Abigail has been avoiding church meeting following the embarrassment. As for the pianist, he has since been relieved of his duties at the church.