DJ Crème: The truth about relocating to Kericho

DJ Crème: The truth about relocating to Kericho

Top Kenyan deejay now says that life is cheaper in Kericho and that it was a family decision for him to settle in Kericho where he is making some investments.

Speaking exclusively with Standard Entertainment, the deejay who studied Journalism said he is already investing in the land of ‘tea’.

“As you know, there are no many deejaying jobs and with little income flowing in, I requested my wife if we could move back to Kericho where the rest of our family lives. My dad could not believe that we had made such a decision. We got a huge house with a big compound and my family especially our daughter liked it. The place is near-obsessive and we are planning to make it our permanent home,” Crème told Standard Entertainment.

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“I only come to Nairobi for gigs and go back to Kericho. I am already putting up an investment there and I will be giving you details on this soon. Really, things always work for good if you take life positively,” he added. “Our family embraced us very well and acclimatised us to life here. Our neighbours are also happy about us living in this hood. Kericho is an amazing place just like many places in Kenya.”