How to lose weight without exercise

How to lose weight without exercise

The popular mantra when it comes to losing weight is to move more and eat less. The truth is, moderate to high-intensity exercise is essential when trying to lose or maintain your weight. However, exercise alone might not give you the desired result. So, what are some of the other ways you can lose weight without working out?

Sleep well

Studies have shown that sleeping can help you lose weight compared to watching TV. Lack of sleep can negatively affect your health as well as your weight. Lacking sleep disrupts the appetite-regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin; this fluctuation may increase your craving for unhealthy food and hunger, thus increasing calorie intake. Also, avoid sleeping immediately after eating. Experts recommend that you sleep 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Avoid sugary drinks

Most people opt for sugary drinks such as soda in place of water when thirsty. The downside is that you end up taking more calories than needed since liquid calories don’t make you as full as solid calories. Also, avoid taking fruit juices as they contain a lot of sugar. Instead, opt for low-calorie beverages such as coffee or green tea.

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Avoid mindless eating

Have you ever found yourself snacking while watching TV or playing video games? Being absent-minded can cause you to consume more calories than you realize. Studies show that people who are distracted while eating consumed 25 percent more calories than those who paid attention.

Drink water regularly

Did you that sometimes your brain mistakes thirst for hunger, thus, reaching out for food instead of water? To easily avoid this, try carrying a water bottle with you when leaving the house. Drinking water throughout the day helps you feel full and keeps up your metabolism. Drinking water 30 minutes before eating a meal has also been proven to reduce hunger, thus lessening your calorie intake.

Increase your physical activities

Since you are not exercising, it’s crucial to increase non-physical exercises to accelerate weight loss. Instead of using the elevator, try taking the stairs or walk to work if you can. Doing house chores can also help burn a few calories.


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