Mbosso mourns death of Kenyan die-hard fan, Mzee Jamal Ismail

Mbosso mourns death of Kenyan die-hard fan, Mzee Jamal Ismail

Bongo superstar, Khan Kilungi alias Mbosso is mourning the death of one of his biggest Kenyan fans, Mzee Jamal Ismail.

In a post he shared on his Instagram handle, the WCB singer announced that he had received the sad news of the passing of Mzee Ismail who some knew as Mzee anacheka anao raha or to Mbosso as "Mzee wangu wa Nipepee.”

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This comes barely a year after the Maajab hit-maker offered to clear Mzee Ismail’s bills after he was detained at the Coast General Hospital following some health complications which saw his only remaining leg amputated.

In a long tribute on Instagram, the singer disclosed that Mzee Ismail meant so much to him, as he made his music known in Mombasa.

Innalillah Wainna ilaih Raajuun…Nasikitika Kupokea taarifa ya huzuni sana ya Kumpoteza Shabiki yangu kipenzi wa Mombasa Kenya.” He wrote.

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“…kupitia wewe Mzee Jamal uliifanya sehemu kubwa ya Mombasa ipokee mziki wangu kwa Mapenzi ya juu sana.” Mbosso continued. “Kupitia wewe ulifanya watu wazima wote waanze kuwa Mashabiki zangu kila sehemu…naumia mzee wangu …”

The WCB singer then concluded by praying to God to lay his soul in peace.

Sisi sote ni wa Mwenyezi Mungu na kwake tutareje,” he concluded his tribute.

Mzee Jamal Ismail became popular after a video of him singing to Mbosso’s song Nipepe went viral attracting the attention of Mbosso.

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During the Wasafi Festival in Mombasa, Mbosso made sure they met and even went to the extent of calling Mzee Ismail on stage during his performance, as a sign of appreciation towards him.