PHOTOS: How Kevin Obia's birthday bash went down

PHOTOS: How Kevin Obia's birthday bash went down

Whether you partake tea or water, the official drink at Kevin Obia’s party was Belaire. It didn’t matter whether you are a lightweight or 'go-hard' because the party wasn’t going to stop. Not until the break of dawn.

The CEO of A1 Entertainment, KO himself, had thrown a major banquet on Sunday night, an exclusive party that only had the top ballers and, of course, Pulse was there doing what we are known to do best.

“Welcome to KO birthday BBQ…KO’s residence…Invite only…Ball till you fall,” the invite card that had the inscriptions of A1 Entertainment had it. So here we were, ready to party till we drop.

In the house was Shaffie Weru, who is also A1 Entertainment director, in his top role as Obia’s associate and fellow bad boy of entertainment. Of-course Shaffie is always the life of the party and he was here to ensure his boy was having a ballers' treat.

Vera looked real lively and unusually close with the birthday boy. They did toast, cheers and sip. In fact, Vera seemed to have little time for Prezzo, the other bad boy of showbiz she has previously been associated with. Prezzo was in his element, 'eating life with a big spoon' and drinking like a king.

Media personality Joe Muchiri, DJs Incredible and Purpl were in the house, with DJ Purpl on the decks literally bringing the house down. Also here was Ben Kangangi and Eric One Wash, Nairobi’s party makers who both had a point to prove that; the ballers party cannot stop without them being counted.

ShaqTheYungig and Telehmani hang together just as Naomi Wamboe and Angela Wambui did, enjoying the moments. But that was not to be long, when the real party moment arrived. It was a cool social gathering where everyone mingled freely.

At midnight, the big cheers went up as Balaire girls sprung the surprise bottles.

Costa Montana and Kensol Kensito had not been left out, neither were Nathan Gathegi, Lisa Delique and Ruena Kiarie who were here to show what Nairobi is made of.

“I was just saying a big thank you to the people who have been supporting me through the years. You know that when it’s a ballers party, (the) party don’t stop. It’s never about the money but living it up,” Obia told Pulse.