Prime business belonging to Aslay’s baby mama raided, ransacked

Prime business belonging to Aslay’s baby mama raided, ransacked

Bongo Flava actress Kayitesy Abdul alias Tessy Chocolate is in shock after unknown people raided and ransacked her business.

In a video doing rounds on social media, property of unknown value in Tessy’s high-end saloon was destroyed in the attack that took place two days ago.

Speaking to Millard Ayo, the baby mama to former Yamoto band member Aslay denied claims that the destruction was brought about by a wife, furious over her alleged affair with her husband.

Tessy narrated that the persons who broke into her business had no intention of stealing anything but to scorch her fast-growing business.

She noted that whilst the business is at a prime, secure spot, a guard who usually stands watch over the premises had days prior to the incident travelled.

The businesswoman added that she is shell shocked and has reported the matter to the police who’ve taken up investigations and would open up at a later date as to any developments.

The attack comes weeks after Tessy was forced to deny claims she sent goons to assault her ex’s current girlfriend.

In an interview with Bongo 5, Tessy narrated that she has moved on and bears no ill will against Aslay or his lover and reiterated she is only concerned about her child.

“Sijawaza haya mambo kabisa…ndio kwanza nimesikia kwako kabisa,” responded Tessy.

“Yule dada ananijua, Aslay ananijua. Wananijua vizuri,” she continued, “They know me better. Siwezi fanya hio ujinga.”

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She added: “Hasa yeye, baba wa mtoto wangu anajua asimilia kubwa Zaidi. Nilisha-move on, hata mia ni asimilia ndogo.”