Wema Sepetu bashes rumours she underwent plastic surgery again

Wema Sepetu bashes rumours she underwent plastic surgery again

Wema Sepetu has addressed social media rumours that she recently underwent plastic surgery to aid in her rapid weight loss journey.  Wema refuted the claims, sounding a warning to curious netizens poking their noses in her personal business.

"Guys... How do matters such as surgery, tummy tuck gone wrong or liposuction relate to me? Please leave me alone. You’ll get that those gossiping about me have a humungous stomach yet you are stressing over mine. You are always talking about my stomach, I don’t know how it became your business. Just let me be. I Love me with my perfect imperfections...so let me be,” she wrote.

This is however not the first time the Miss Tanzania 2006 has had to deny suggestions her weight loss is unnatural, especially after news of trip abroad went viral.

“You know I did not undergo surgery as people keep saying, if I happened to do it, I would not be looking like this," she opened up.

Reason for weight loss

According to the media personality, she felt ready to start a family but was having trouble conceiving. She sought advanced medical care and was advised to lose weight as part of the treatment.

“I’ve never had a tummy tuck like most people are saying. The reason I went to India was so that I can consult and get treatment for my fertility. On coming back I was advised to cut on weight so as to increase my chances of conceiving since I have a lot of fat around my uterus that is making the process difficult.  So it’s just eating right and also there are a few drugs I have been prescribed to that suppresses my appetite. I have been using medication, that I won’t lie and also I have been stressed here and there so that might also have been a factor,” she said.

The Tanzanian beauty further confirmed being more comfortable with her new body saying: “I’m so happy with my new body, I feel lighter, I feel comfortable, I feel more beautiful, I don’t feel heavy anymore and looking back, I realize I was on the wrong path.”


Despite failing to conceive and having several miscarriages, Wema has time and again said that she will not lose hope of having children.

“I’m not going to give up. I had said that I’ll give up on turning 30, too bad my love for kids is too much. Even If I get to 35 still hoping, it’s okay. For the time being, am single and if I don’t conceive, there are alternative ways of getting children.”