Njuguna's Place fire incident no cause for alarm — management

Njuguna's Place fire incident no cause for alarm — management

The management at Njuguna's Place, a nyama choma joint on Waiyaki Way, Westalands has clarified that the early morning fire incident was usual.

Macharia Njuguna, the supervisor on duty, dismissed the video that went viral showing a fire and smoke coming from the restaurant's kitchen area.

"There was no fire, what the video showed was just the usual fire that usually goes up the chimney when we light up the fire for roasting the meat," Mr Njuguna said.

He went on to add that the only reason the fire has caused alarm was because they delayed in lighting the fire as early as they usually do every single morning.

"Normally, we usually light the fire by 6am and motorists do not easily get a chance to see the fire as they did today because we delayed," he said.

A visit by Nation to the joint was met by normal activities with tens of customers enjoying the famed meat at the place.

However, despite the countering by the management, electricians in blue overalls could be seen fixing new electrical wires at the wall next to the kitchen.

"You can see around the restaurant, people are busy feasting on the roast beef as usual, there was no fire here. I am even surprised that that incident has spread to the entire nation in such a short time," Mr Njuguna said.

A video was posted early today showing a section of the restaurant covered by immense fire that even appeared at the seams of the kitchen area.

Kenyans went to social media to share the clip that elicited a lot of reactions.

Edward Opany, a frequent customer at the joint expressed his concern saying the fire incident may be true.

"That fire may be true, at times I hear gas hissing at their kitchen as I eat there," he told the nation.

As at now, all is back normal at the restaurant with the management confirming that the fire incident was nothing out of the usual in their daily activities.