5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Mugged After A Night Out

5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Mugged After A Night Out

The weekend is here and most of us are definitely going out. It has been a long hot week and blowing off some steam will do you some good. However, it is paramount that you take into consideration the risk of getting mugged after a night out. More often than not, muggers will attack you after a night out as most people end up going home late in the wee hours of the morning.

As much as it may not happen to you often, people get mugged all the time after a night out and taking precaution is the best thing we can do rather than living life in fear. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to avoid getting mugged after a night out.


  1. Avoid going out alone. Staying in groups or in places that have people around will limit the chances of you getting mugged. Muggers always go for people who are alone and can be overpowered without too much hustle. Being in a group will help you stay safe as your counterparts will be there to help you out if anyone tries to mug you.
  2. Carry pepper spray in your purse. You might have it but want to leave it at home because you feel like you already have enough to carry. Another reason could be because you simply do not want to fill up your purse too much as it might be another to carry around while you are trying to have fun. However, you are better safe than sorry right? You will definitely rather have the pepper spray and not need it than need the pepper spray and not have it. That being said, ladies remember to carry a pepper spray with you as it may not be just the muggers you will need to worry about.
  3. Use a cab to go out. Avoid using public transport at night as this is the easiest way to get mugged. Always use a cab that is parked where other cabs are. Do not hop into just any car passing by with the driver saying he is a cab guy as some of them could be muggers themselves. So stay sharp and use a cab that is recognized around that area as an actual cab or ask the guard to call you a cab.
  4. Avoid getting too drunk alone. If you have your friends with you, heck go for it. However, if your friends are alighting off the cab before you and your place is in an isolated area, you might want to tow down on the amount of liquor you consume. Avoid being helplessly drunk to a point that you can not defend yourself if need be.
  5. Avoid dimly lit areas as dark corners are usually the place muggers like to hide. They mostly rely on the element of surprise and so staying in a well-lit place will possibly limit your chances of getting mugged. That being said, have a lovely weekend and stay safe.