Beautiful legacy! Meet Ken Walibora's wife and daughters

Beautiful legacy! Meet Ken Walibora's wife and daughters

Veteran journalist and renown author Ken Walibora was a family man.

Little was known about his private life.

Even his workmate, Swaleh Mdoe revealed that he did not know that Walibora had a family.

Paying tribute to the fallen hero, Mdoe said,

“I was a close friend to him and even I had never heard him talking of a brother or a sister or even that he was married with children. I remember that I last saw him last year when he gave me a signed copy of an English translation of his book ‘Siku Njema’.”

When life imitates art! Ken Walibora met death like character in Siku Njema

The famed Swahili news anchor paid tribute to his fellow author narrating a little story about Walibora.

Mdoe said,

“I remember at one time during an award ceremony in Arusha, he was asked to present an award but the award introduction had been written in English. Before announcing the recipient, I remember he made an apology and declared that it would be the last time he’d speak in English.”

The Siku Njema author was married to Anne Walibora and they were blessed with two daughters, Sheila and Katila.

His family is based in the USA.

Mungu wape mguvu! Ken Walibora’s daughters pays moving tribute (Photos)

Here are photos of his beautiful family.