Betty Kyallo talks about her new property investment after hurtful comments about small salon

Betty Kyallo talks about her new property investment after hurtful comments about small salon

Celebrated TV news anchor Betty Kyallo has in her new YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo Lately spoke about investing in property.

In the first video upload on the channel, Betty reveals she was hurt by comments made by who point out how small Flair by Betty was.

“When I left Posh Palace and went to Flair by Betty, the salon was actually smaller than the previous one. There were clients who kept saying, ‘Eh Betty, this place is smaller, it’s not like the previous one, it’s squeezed’.”

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Betty KyalloShe continued,

“Those things at that time really hurt, but right now I just go like these were just people being people and brutally honest in their own way. It’s not the right thing to say to someone who has worked so hard, but hey.”

Betty then noted.

“And then, here we go. Two and a half years later, we have moved from the old location to the new location which is like three times bigger.”

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Flair CEO Betty Kyalo

The new place is still under constriction as much needed renovations are underway to ensure the place is well fitted and equiped for the salon move.

“My new place, God has been good to me. Honestly, it has been a blessing. And let me tell you by the way, never ever feel like you cannot be bigger.”

Talking about leaving Posh Palace to start Flair, Betty said,

“How we came to this place, it was one of the happiest times in business. I was on my own now without a partnership, I was gonna be the boss.
I was so young, I didn’t know the world can be so tough and so rough. I didn’t know that business can be hard but also very fulfilling.”


“I was so, so scared to start this place. But here I am, moving from this place to a bigger place with bigger opportunities for our clients. I’m happy.”