'Can I borrow Jowie for the day?' Fan begs Jacque Maribe

'Can I borrow Jowie for the day?' Fan begs Jacque Maribe

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu had a great sense of fashion that was clearly seen on his Instagram page.

He had girls leaving all kinds of comments on his page.

One fan, in particular, decided to take the bull by its horns and let Jacque Maribe know that she wants her man.

Not forever, just for a day. Actually she wanted Jowie all to herself for two hours. Only.

She took to her Instagram and wrote,

jacklinemoriki: @jacquemaribe your man is fine. Always in my prayers for you both, but let me digress and say something cheeky. Aki can I borrow him the day atatoka. Just for 2 hrs. I need these genes. Waah! Kwanza his beard and his lower lip are 🔥. I will return him in one piece. Sharing is caring. Anyway, I believe you will concur. Na instagram in laws tunakuja harusi. Aki I’m in love with another woman’s man. Roho inatetema 😝😋

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Jackline was not the only female who went their baby pink undergarments over his looks.

Here are others who complimented Jowie’s appearance.

_wairimu_waithuki_ : @jowie.jowi 😍looking fab👌

rosemnjeri: Aki sasa nimeamini what people say about these jackets…ladies if you see these jackets ruuuuuuun baby run

jacklinemoriki: Just know you are wonderfully made. You are CUTE😋

sue_koffianna: 🎶@jowie.jowi unaishi wapi na jina lako halisi ni nani oh jowie weee, oh jowie oh jowie 🎶🎶

However, this did not change when he was arrested and detained as the main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jowie was seen going to court looking so kempt.

He wore suits and was looking sharp most of the times.

Even when he appeared in casual clothes, he still looked okay.

He managed to maintain his sense of fashion throughout his hearings until he had to wear prison clothes.

That said, here are more photos of Jowie during his court appearances.

Jowie in court
Jowie in court

Jowie chats with Jacque Maribe’s dad
Jowie in court