Eight side effects of garlic you should be aware of

Garlic can be used in a wide range of recipes (Photo: Shutterstock)

Garlic is one of the most consumed foods available. It belongs to the onion family and grows in most parts of the world and that’s why it is readily available. It is such a great flavoring to add to your food as it contains a rich aroma.

As good as it is, it also has its side effects which you might not like. Although when consumed in moderation it will barely affect you. However, the side effects may be life threatening in some cases if over consumed.

It contains sulfur, oxygen and other chemicals which give it antibacterial and disease fighting properties. Garlic has a wide range of benefits to the body like lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, lowering cholesterol, preventing blood thinning, preventing hardening of veins amongst others.

Garlic can be used in a wide range of recipes from your chicken soup to vegetable salads.

You can also consume it with honey which enhances its benefits even more.

So next time you order your salad you can ask them to use garlic oil or add some garlic cloves to it.

But even with all these benefits not everyone enjoys the taste of garlic which is still okay. You should also be mindful not to consume too much or this will happen.

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  1. Bad breath

It’s very easy to know when someone just had garlic during their lunch break simply by their breath. Garlic itself has a very strong scent which doesn’t go away even after cooking. If you end up consuming garlic, you should drink a lot of water, brush your teeth or use a mouthwash to reduce the smell.

Also avoid consuming raw garlic directly. Have it in small portions in your meal to avoid bad breath.

  1. Body odour

Your body breaks garlic into sulfur compounds which is the reason behind the pungent smell which is eliminated through your sweat. This is why it is very easy to know if someone has consumed garlic by their body odour.

  1. Heartburn

So many people complain of heartburn when they consume garlic. Garlic has some acidic properties which when they interact with the digestive juices you might end up having a burning sensation in your stomach or throat which is commonly known as heartburn.

  1. Diabetes

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Garlic can lower blood sugar if consumed in very high amounts. There are a couple of theories that support the ability to lower blood sugar especially for individuals who suffer from diabetes.

Garlic can contribute to body odour (Photo: Shutterstock)
  1. Indigestion and stomach discomfort

Garlic has been found to irritate the digestive tract in many people. If you experience frequent episodes of indigestion and stomach upset, you should consume garlic in very low quantities.

  1. Low blood pressure

Consuming garlic in high quantities can result in low blood pressure which is dangerous. Theories suggest that garlic can make blood pressure fluctuate for people who suffer from low blood pressure. For that reason, they should consume limited amounts of garlic.

  1. Excessive bleeding

Garlic can prolong bleeding and interfere with blood pressure. If you have been scheduled for surgery it is important to avoid consuming garlic a few days before the procedure. To be sure, consult with your doctor.

  1. Diarrhoea

Research has shown that people who consume large amounts of garlic end up suffering from constant episodes of diarrhea. This is because when garlic is digested, it’s broken down to sulfur which is acidic and will cause a stomach upset.

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