Exclusive: 'I haven't fired J Blessing from Laugh Industry' - Churchill

Exclusive: 'I haven't fired J Blessing from Laugh Industry' - Churchill

Churchill show founder Daniel Ndambuki has refuted claims that he has fired video director J Blessing from Laugh Industry despite the rumors flying around.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho Churchill said

‘He has not been fired from Laugh Industry Who said he has been fired? Achana na mambo ya blogs. 

We have shows coming up and he is working on that.

People should be calling others for clarification before they run stories. 


Just because he has not been seen in two or three shows does not mean he is not part of us anymore.

We are working on a new project coming up in January,that is just a story and I don’t know where it came from.’

This clarification from the Godfather of comedy comes hours after blogs wrote that J Blessing had been fired.

‘For the last three weeks or so, J Blessing, who made a name for himself through his directing skills evident in several music video songs, has not directed.

the Churchill Show owned by veteran comedian Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill.’ Nairobi News wrote

According to Nairobi News a comedian had leaked out the info.

“J Blessing is a gifted director. All who have worked with him will tell you that. But he has issues with how he relates with people.

He is petty and at times keeping up with him can be a problem.

“This time round the bone of contention was his personal assistant, a lady.’

The source added

‘J Blessing was scheduled to direct the Kisumu edition but bolted out after the management refused to give in to his demand and pay for an air ticket for the assistant to Kisumu.

The management decided to cut him loose.

He also didn’t direct the following edition of the show in Machakos and the subsequent ones,”

Now you have it J Blessing still works for Laugh Industry and according to Churchill just because he was not in Kisumu does not mean he is fired.

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