#Fashiontips: Five tips to having an all-weather outfit

| November 30th 2020 at 12:15:00 GMT +0300
Always go for more trouser outfits when the weather is unpredictable (Shutterstock)

The weather has been playing games lately, with a little bit of sunshine and intermittent showers throughout the day. With such unpredictable weather, it is easy to overdress and look like a clown all day or underdress and freeze.

To avoid this awkward situations, it’s important to pair your outfits with pieces that can work well for both warm and cold weather while still looking fashionable. Here are some tips and pieces that will come in handy when you are dressing for an all-weather outfit:

A scarf is simple and convenient to help you weather through this unpredictable season. When it is cold and probably raining, you can tie your scarf around your neck or add it to your top so it can look like a cover up or a fancy top. When the sun is out, you can easily fold it and put it aside without looking overly dressed. Lighter scarves like silks and cotton can be worn all day regardless of whether it is freezing or shining.

When in doubt, always go for turtlenecks. They are easy to dress and amazing when layering outfits, when the sun is out you can still manage to stay warm but not too warm. When the weather is unpredictable with additional intermittent showers, it’s better to be warm that freeze all day in the office and turtlenecks have that covered.

Silk and cotton scarves can come in handy for cold and sunny seasons (Shutterstock)

If you love showing off some legs, this might not be the best weather for that. It is bound to get cold and for you, awkward when you're freezing infront of everyone. Embrace more trouser suits and jeans. The best part is that when it gets too cold or it rains, you can put on socks without anyone noticing and when the sun is out you can take them off and maintain your planned look.

If your closet has more skirts and dresses and the cold weather is stressing you, not to worry, stockings will always have your back. They can be worn for both cold and warm weather without making your outfit look tacky. In case you worry about the weather getting too warm, you can always go for the thigh high stockings that you can easily slip off later on in the day.

Unlike trench coats and sweaters that are going to feel bulky throughout the day, a blazer will keep you warm when it is cold and still stay stylish when the sun is out. The best part is that you can easily layer a blazer with a scarf or turtleneck without looking overly dressed. Invest in coats that have an inner lining. They allow you to layer more easily and keep you warm.

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Tip: Always carry a pair of woolen gloves in your bag. They are small and can easily fit your bag without looking bulky. They will come in handy if you forget to carry a sweater or dress warmly for the day.

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