Fit Over 50: Meet gorgeous 53-year-old actress, fitness inspiration with youthful physique

Actress and producer Elise Neal (Courtesy)

Elise Neal is a 53-year-old actress, producer and, now, fitness inspiration. Although she danced her whole life from childhood, she began to struggle when she hit 45 and decided to incorporate new things.

She likes to switch up her fitness regimen, adding yoga and strength training, which is integral to her youthful physique. She has since created her own boot camp to help women achieve fitness.

When it comes to diet, she occasionally indulges in cheat meals but predominantly eats a healthy diet full of a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoids excessive snacking.


Her dance background gives her the discipline to work out consistently. “Being fit means making your body the best it can be. Moving every day to make your body feel alive is not just about looking good. Fitness should help women feel good about themselves,” she says.

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