Five health benefits of eating bananas

Other than being sweet, banana has a number of benefits (Shutterstock)

Bananas are sweet, we can all agree with that. Whether put in pancakes, pastries, dessert or main meals, bananas always do the trick.

However, most people simply enjoy bananas as part of meals but they don’t really know the health benefits of bananas.

Other than being sweet, here are five benefits of eating bananas you didn’t know:

A source of potassium

Potassium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It helps in regulating body fluid balance and blood pressure as well as protecting against strokes and kidney stones.

The best part is that potassium helps keep the heart healthy. Bananas provide the body with approximately 10% of the potassium it needs the whole day.

A source of ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is important in helping your body with tissue and body cell damage. Also, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron better and hold together bones, teeth and cartilage.

A single banana can provide the whole body with all the vitamin C it will need for an entire day.

Bananas contain potassium and magnesium that reduces nicotine craving (Shutterstock)

A source of vitamin B6

Bananas are good source of vitamin B6 which has a lot of health benefits to your body. Vitamin B6 assists the body in turning foods like carbohydrates and fats into energy and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Also, Vitamin B6 assists in helping one develop a healthy brain and production of red blood cells. A banana a day can provide a quarter of your B6 needs.

A source of manganese

Bananas are a good source of manganese. Manganese has a number of health benefits. One health benefit of manganese, when combined with calcium, is reducing premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Manganese can assist reduce some of the symptoms that include mood swings, anxiety, cramping and pain.

Source of energy

Bananas are a good source of energy to the body. Bananas contain sucrose and glucose that are natural sources of energy. Bananas provide energy and can keep you active all throughout the day.

It is healthier than fats and cholesterols as a source of energy.

Tip: When trying to quit smoking, you can get into the habit of eating bananas. They contain potassium and magnesium that reduces nicotine craving.