How to tenderise tough meat

Cheaper cuts of meat are often packed with more flavour but may be shunned for their toughness. Get the most of out of our meat with these simple techniques to tenderise meat prior to and during cooking.

1.Marinate in mashed pawpaw

The enzymes in pawpaw break down the protein in meat, making it softer. Be careful not to leave it in too long otherwise it turns mushy.

Pineapple and mango also work well although they are stronger in flavour and may affect the taste of your dish.

2.Cook it long and slow

More expensive cuts can be cooked very quickly but cuts like oxtail or brisket should be cooked for a long time over a very low heat.  This gives those tough muscle fibers time to break down.

3.Pound it

Physically tenderising the meat by lightly pounding it with a meat mallet or a rolling pin breaks down the fibres, reducing cooking time.

4.Let it rest

Leaving meat to rest after cooking allows the meat time to relax and reabsorb its own juices.