'I gatecrashed my ex's wedding and accidentally dropped a pregnancy bombshell'

The groom's grandmother convinced her to gatecrash the wedding (Photo: Shutterstock)

A woman has come clean about how she gate crashed her ex-boyfriend's wedding and accidentally revealed to the bride that the baby she was carrying was her now-husband's - awkward.

The anonymous woman explained that her and her ex had dated for three years before they broke up, and he later got into a relationship with his now current partner, who he was marrying.

Of the wedding she said: "Like you could guess, I wasn't personally invited nor was I told anything about it from him even though we spoke daily.

"Well, I found out about it from his grandmother (we're close) and she suggested I 'gate crash' and that she would cover for me (think she doesn't like the bride)."

And, since she hadn't completely found closure after the relationship ended, the ex-girlfriend agreed.

When the day arrived, his grandmother "sneaked" her in so she could watch the ceremony.

She said: "It was beautiful. I shed a few tears but it really solidified things."

After the awkward pregnancy announcement the bride ran out (Photo: Shutterstock)

Once it finished, she was getting ready to leave but his grandmother pushed her to go to the reception as well and sit next to her at the family table - "Pretty awkward but I went."

She added: "I was still mingling with the family, standing up, when the bride and groom came. They came and greeted us and she congratulated me on the pregnancy."

"I thanked her and said something about how I couldn't wait to co-parent with the two of them. Turns out that she didn't know that I was pregnant (5 months at the time) with his child the whole time.

"She lost her s*** and ran out. He tried to run after her but then her dad came and started a scene. Lucky for me, my ex's brother came and helped get me out of there as soon as possible."

After all of the drama of the big day, she revealed that her ex still checks in on her for updates on the pregnancy.

And, was later told by his grandmother that the couple broke up and got an annulment.?

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