'I live like I never been a mother,' Charity Mwamba on ex-Ugandan hubby who took kids

'I live like I never been a mother,' Charity Mwamba on ex-Ugandan hubby who took kids

Actress Charity Mwamba, also known as Shosh, in the local TV drama Mother-In-Law has narrated the pain she has lived with after her ex-husband took away her children, 30 years ago.

The mother of three – whose real name is Elizabeth Wanjiru – was married to a prominent Ugandan man before the two divorced. At the time the couple had three kids.

‘I was married by a Ugandan and during the time of Idi Amin we had three kids, two daughter, and a son.

We did not get along on some things because I am a Christian and he had political interests I was not okay with.

He took away the kids I live alone like someone who has never borne kids.

My ex-husband had another wife and kids yet he took the kids we had together.

I am not even sure how my kids are because hawana shughuli ya kurudi.’

Asked on whether she keeps tabs of her kids’ welfare, Charity said,

‘They are taking care of their families and I do not want to interfere. At the time my husband took them away from me the youngest was aged six. I had just finished taking care of them.’

A heartbroken Charity further added that she has only seen them once.

‘There were tensions of politics, politics is never fair. They sometimes come to Nairobi and every one of them has seen me once.’

Asked on how she feels about living alone despite having children who never keep in touch, Charity said it’s the hardest things she has had to live through.

‘It’s been very hard living alone.

I am able to tell people about my story because I am an actress, I pray for them (my kids) and hope they are happy.

We had a good relationship when they were kids but we have no relationship right now, I feel like they fear to approach me.

I am now old and I am used to life, but they know I am always here for them.’

Charity was, however, quick to point out the injustice she went through given that her divorce case dragged on for 30 years.

‘He wanted to throw me out of my matrimonial home but I fought back and took our marriage certificate.

We were given a judgment and the case went on for 30 years.

Lawyers kept charging me and I accumulated a big bill, I would win and they were told to pay me but they would never respond.’

Further adding,

‘My husband had sold our house, but that was revoked, they had pretended to have used the house as security for a loan.

What Royal Media pays me and the pension I am paid for being a teacher in the past is what I survive on.’

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