'I lost my dad when I was only aged 2' Maina Kageni opens up

'I lost my dad when I was only aged 2' Maina Kageni opens up

Succession battles in Kenya have left many families in anguish years after their parents died. But for Maina Kageni things were different.

Speaking during the morning show on Classic 105, Maina said that what saved them from the succession battles was his father’s will.

‘My dad died when I was two years old. Luckily for him he left behind a will and after his death it was entrusted to trustees.

Maina added

Immediately I turned 21 the properties were transferred to me.’

Maina Kageni was however quick to point out that his dad would have left his properties to his mother rather than to trustees.

‘My dad was guilty why did he not leave everything to my mother?

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

His co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i a was quick to point out that unlike Maina Kageni the only inheritance he received from his dad was his mother.

Adding that succession battles among the rich in Kenya is a sad tale that should be handled carefully.

Look at the Michuki’s, JM Kariuki and Njenga Karume and see how they keep fighting in court.

It hurts me so bad because I know that these men worked hard for their money.

Look at the case of John Michuki he only has six kids yet he had properties worth billions.

why can’t they just agree among themselves on how to share the property?’

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