'I lost someone I loved so much,' lover to stowaway Paul Manyasi speaks

'I lost someone I loved so much,' lover to stowaway Paul Manyasi speaks

The stowaway fell off the KQ Boeing 787 aircraft from Nairobi and landed in Offerton Road, South London has been identified as Paul Manyasi.

A stowaway is a person who secretly boards a ship, aeroplane, or vehicle in order to make a journey secretly or without paying.

According to Sky News, the 29-year-old was an employee of  Colnet, a cleaning company, which provided cleaners at the JKIA. He used to earn Ksh9,000 per month.

paul Manyasi, who dropped off from a KQ flight before it landed in London on June 30

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His girlfriend, a colleague at Colnet confirmed to the British media outlet that Paul Manyasi went missing at the end of June this year.

I called his phone and it was off. When we came in the morning the following day the supervisor called us and told us there is somebody missing. [The supervisor had told them] We are not sure of the person so we keep it a secret until we know the person.

When she was shown a computerised photo of Paul, she said,

They look alike but Paul wasn’t dark – not dark – but the face resembles Paul.

The two were in a serious relationship and while talking about the man she loved, she said,

Paul was a nice guy. He was just a jovial person. I just liked him the way he was. We had agreed one day maybe we could make a family. I just feel like I lost someone who I loved so much – yes, I miss him.

Manayasi’s roommate back in Mukuru kwa Njenga a man only identified as Patrick said he has told him he was in search of greener pastures outside the county.

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