'I'm broken...' Aurlus Mabele's daughter Liza Monet speaks

'I'm broken...' Aurlus Mabele's daughter Liza Monet speaks

Liza Monet, the only daughter of African music icon, Aurlus Mabele, has spoken about her dad’s death.

Liza Monet, who is also an artiste like the late legendary star, spoke about her loss.

She took to her social media to let the world know about the demise that has hit Aurlus Mabele.

She tweeted, “Mon papa est mort ce matin du coronavirus … Merci d’honoré sa mémoire . C’est une grande légende du Soukouss que le peuple congolais perd aujourd’hui . Je suis inconsolable et effondrée . Mon papa que j’aime tant … Aurlus Mabele …

Liza Monet Aurlus Mabele

(My dad died of coronavirus this morning … Thank you for honoring his memory. He is a great legend of Soukouss and a huge loss to the people of Congo. I am inconsolable and broken at the loss of my dad whom I love so much … Aurlus Mabele …)”

Liza also shared a family photo of her dad and mum from when she was a little baby as a tribute to her fallen daddy.

Liza Monet

Our deepest condolences to Liza for her loss. May he rest in eternal peace.

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