'It's okay for women to have lungula to quench a dry spell' Captain Kale says

'It's okay for women to have lungula to quench a dry spell' Captain Kale says

To approach a man – you like – first or not is the question in many women’s minds.

This is because society believes it is the man’s job to make the first move.

Well, Captain Kale has got news for you.

Kale who is known as Dr Love by his fans says,

She isn’t loose just because she accepted you too fast. Ladies too admire someone.

She can keep turning down so many men over months and years but when you come along and sweep off her feet.

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she realizes how much she admires you too and just say yes for obvious reasons. Besides, when you asked her out, what exactly did you expect?

Kale goes on to add that it is not only women who are loose but men are as well.

If you think she is loose for giving in too fast, consider yourself even more loose since you asked for it too.

She could not have said YES if you did not ask for it.
Just enjoy the moments and let life move on, it is not like you gonna leave footprints on it to stick there forever as if you are the first man to step on the moon!

Kale goes on to advise men that sometimes women also need to release some ‘steam’.

Also, men need to realize sometimes women also have [email protected] for fun or to just deal with her dry spell, yes pia wanatoa lock like us men, not because she loves you.

In conclusion, Kale adds,

But ladies do this and never tell anyone since men as usual will label them loose yet men feel it is ok for them to have random [email protected] for fun and to deal with their dry spell.

Is it really true that women also hit and run?