KCSE candidate finds out her entire family died a month after her exams

KCSE candidate finds out her entire family died a month after her exams

As KCSE candidates celebrate their good results for one girl Anna Zambi there is nothing to celebrate about as she lost her entire family.

The young girl from Tanzania, only learnt a month later that her entire family had died and that her extended family had hidden the truth from her.

Anna was waiting for her parents and siblings to visit her in school for prayer day ahead of her secondary school examinations.

Anna being consoled upon learning about the death of her entire family.

Little did she know that this would not be; the 16-year-old never saw her family that day.

That was October 26.

It was not until almost a month later, when she finished her exams, that she came to learn that her entire family had perished in an accident.

Their car had been swept away in flash floods in Handeni District, Tanga region, Tanzania.

The family of 5 had been travelling from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro when the accident occurred.

So tragic was the incident, that the family members chose not to tell her about it.

The family wanted her to finish her exams in peace. When she finished the exams, she traveled back home to be with her family and that is when she learnt what had happened.

Parents to Anna Zambi and her siblings who passed away while she sat for KCPE

She was shown the graves of her parents: Lingiston Zambi, Winifrida Lymo and three siblings: Lulu, Grace and Andrew.

Ibrahim Zambi the family’s spokesman said they received news of the death on October 28

‘I was in the office around 11am when I received the news.

The accident happened between the 25th and 26th but we only learnt of it on the 28th.

We were just reading the news on social media before receiving the news officially from the government.

But since then the government has been very supportive.’

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