Kitchen gadget: Egg poacher

Poaching an egg is one way to have them in a healthy way (Photo: Amazon)

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods one can have especially where protein is involved. Poaching an egg is one way to have them in a healthy way. Poaching involves cooking the egg without adding fat which is one of the most common ways of making eggs.

While making a poached egg, usually the egg is immersed in hot water and left to heat up in almost simmering water. This will ensure that the egg whites stay intact and don’t break. Egg poaching has now been simplified with egg poachers. This is such a good, simple and quick kitchen tool. Depending on the poacher purchased, you simply put the egg in a small bowl and place it in water and the egg shall be ready in less than 5 minutes depending on how you like your eggs.

Poachers come in stainless steel and nonstick sets, or silicon and non-toxic poaching cups. They can be bought online or in a supermarket near you. Egg poachers are available at various kitchenware shops as well as Amazon.?