Kitchen gadget: Electric knife/carver

| January 3rd 2021 at 09:00:00 GMT +0300
An electric knife/carver is lightweight, making it handy to use (Photo: Shutterstock)

Earlier last year, a friend gifted me an electric knife/carver and I was glad I remembered it over the holidays when I needed to cut a lot of meat. This gadget cuts and slices meats, vegetables and breads to perfection (depending on your choice of size and thickness). It can even cut through bones.

It has two serrated stainless steel blades that must be clipped together then plugged into the motor. When switched on, the blades move lengthwise continuously, creating a sawing action. The gadget comes in a variety of colours and sizes. It is lightweight, making it handy to use. For safekeeping, electric knives/carvers are sold with a lockable storage box. Point to note: Cutting soft or warm pastry will not give you a good final result.

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