Kitchen gadget: Hard boiled egg peeler

| January 17th 2021 at 10:30:00 GMT +0300
A good shake should easily slide the egg out of the shell (Photo: Amazon)

When peeling a hard-boiled egg, getting the shell off without a few chunks of egg white is a skill I have yet to master. I have tried a number of kitchen hacks to get it right.

I like to try out new kitchen items, hence my latest discovery, a hard-boiled egg peeler. The gadget makes it simple and mess free by getting the shell to slide off like butter with just cold water and some shakes. The gadget is a small and handy cylinder, small and big enough to hold a boiled egg and some water.

How does it work? Put your cooled (not hot) hard-boiled egg in the cylinder, halfway fill the cylinder with cold water, snap the lid shut then in an upward and downward motion, shake it with enough force that the egg hits the top and bottom of the cylinder. A good shake should easily slide the egg out of the shell.

Where to buy it? Online stores will be your best bet.

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