Love it: The unexpected dangers of self-doubt

Self-doubt impacts your well-being negatively (Photo: Shutterstock)

Self-doubt is a destructive behaviour that impacts negatively on your well-being.

Self-doubt breeds procrastination, as you are constantly hesitant to start or finish something because of that persistent voice telling you you can’t do it, or highlighting what could go wrong. This leads to missed opportunities, which in turn breeds regret and self-pity. Regret makes you wish you hadn’t started and self-pity prevents you moving forward.

All these things go further to hinder personal growth and stifle creativity, as the insidious effects of self-doubt are far reaching. You are constantly questioning the rationale behind ideas and fearful of taking bold steps to implement them, leaving you stuck in a rut.

Understanding the impact of self-doubt and recognising the symptoms can help you start fighting it. Seeing all setbacks as temporary and celebrating even minor wins can help boost your overall optimism and banish self-doubt permanently.

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