'My wife has turned into a lesbian because I masturbate,' cries city man

'My wife has turned into a lesbian because I masturbate,' cries city man

A city man whose marriage is on the brink of collapsing is in need of your advice. According to this man, he cannot satisfy his wife in bed and she has turned into a le*bian.

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My wife and I had not been s3xually active since we got married because I enjoy masturbation more than s3x. Sometimes we can stay up to 8 months without even touching or kissing not to talk of s3x.

She recently asked me whether I’ve been having s3x outside and I said no and that I only masturbate anytime I feel like having s3x.

When I asked her how she has been coping without s3x for 8 months she said she’s a lesbian and that I pushed her into it because of my se3less relationship with her.

I’m terribly heartbroken and I can’t eat for some days now. The worst part is that whenever she steps out, I start thinking that she’s having s3x with her lesbian partner,

I threatened to report her to her parents and she told me to go ahead and do it, threatening to touch me too. What can I do?’ he wrote.

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horlawaley Bruh, you are a disgrace to us men. Ordinary pastor Wilson knows how to use his holy tongue and you are married to a whole meal and you masturbating? I’m disappointed.

kaymacky U and ur wife need to fast and pray for 10months😂😂

crucifi_x Lol its 2019 bro, having a lesbian partner means she has been cheating on you. You’ve been fu**ing your hands and she has been fu**ing another woman 😂

mikki_xx What is good for the goose is good for the gander

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quin_jess Play it cool and se3y,then bang the lesbian outta her. A good 9 inches can make a lady behave. Meanwhile, stop touching urself man, that’s one reason why u have a wife.

bedah_kms And who’s fault do you think is this?

dee_ At least she’s not doing it with a Man 🤷🏻‍♀️

olarewaju.debbie Oh my days!!! This is Deep.

towchy_praise What if she just said it to see your reaction or make you start wanting to have se3 with her.?? But wait. Who loves masturbating more than having se3. Nothing I will not see abi read sha.. 🙄🙄

annet667 She’s probably not into lesbianism. She only said it to get to you. Oga learn how to be romantic and always be all over her. She’s a woman and needs attention.

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