Mzee Moi's fashion to change daily while lying-in-state

Mzee Moi's fashion to change daily while lying-in-state

Even with the Former president Daniel Moi’s body lying in State for the second day, the iconic leader has not been spared the beauty of being handsome in his sleep.

As Kenyans prepared to view his body for the first time in Parliament on Saturday, Moi wore a grey suit, brown shoes, white shirt and a colorful tie.

On the second day, Moi who was sleeping peacefully at Parliament buildings, wore new black suit, white shirt with red neck tie and black shoes.

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It is not clear where the Saturday’s attire will be taken, but it might be kept in his mausoleum in future.

Moi had a penchant for well-matched sharp suits, ties and shoes.

In most instances, Mzee Moi appeared in public donning iconic suits and shirts, socks, neckties and shoes of matching colours.

Moi was so fashion-conscious that every occasion called for a set class of apparel.

The body of the former president will lie in state for two more days.

The public viewing of the body, which began on Saturday, will end on Monday.

On Tuesday, an interdenominational service will be held at the Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi.

Moi will be interred on Wednesday in Kabarak.

The casket was wheeled by a carriage as happened with founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1978.

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