Papa Dennis was hearing voices, called out for help! Last moments revealed

Papa Dennis was hearing voices, called out for help! Last moments revealed

Hours before the mysterious death of gospel star Papa Dennis, he had been involved in a bizzare and unexplainable incident at his new home.

Papa Dennis did not have a permanent abode and was living inside the Nairobi Record Studio that is housed at Kirima Building, 3rd floor.

A source privy to the incident, told Mpasho, on condition of anonymity that Papa Dennis called out for help on Friday afternoon.

“The building he lived in was only four floors he was living in the studio starting Thursday 6, February 2020, after he was evicted from his home,” the source said.

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“I saw him on Friday he looked disorientated and looked like he was not okay he kept saying there was a chic who kept calling his name and some people kept beating him and when he called out, the people who went to his rescue could not see who was beating him Nor did they find anyone.”

This weird incident ended there, but that night at midnight, Papa Dennis was dead.

“I looked at him when he called out and I could see he was not okay. He was in the house alone at the time. There was no bed he was sleeping in a mattress on the floor,” the source narrated.

How death hounded Papa Dennis before it eventually took him

Police have ruled the cause of death as a suicide due to depression.

The report reads, “Dennis Mwangi alias Papa Dennis fell from Kirima building a storey in Pangani area of Ngara at around 2330hrs.”

The report was made by his brother Simon Mwangi at 1:30am.

Papa Dennis’s body is lying at the City Mortuary as investigations continue.

He is survived by his twin brother and two older siblings.

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