Photos of the man who warms the bed of sexologist Getrude Mungai

Photos of the man who warms the bed of sexologist Getrude Mungai

Kenyan sexologist Getrude Mungai days ago celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary to her long time husband Peter Mungai to the excitement of Kenyans.

She is known for her vocal nature when it comes to matters se3. She loves educating people on Mombasa Raha and how to achieve maximum pleasure.

‘Am blessed to have you in my life. It’s been an amazing 21 years and am looking forward to many many more years to come. @peter.mungai.7121 you are my best friend forever ❤️💕💓💞💋’ Getrude penned

Sexologist Getrude Mungai and her husband.

Many Kenyans were impressed given many have always wondered who is the man who enjoys the Twa Twa Twa skills Getrude show cases.

Getrude Mungai and her husband
Getrude Mungai.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions from Kenyans

benmatiyo: huyu ndio hua anaenjoy hizo twatwatwaa navile unajua kucheka.

isabwaish: Hizo style zote we hutuonesha hua wamfanyia.

re.gina9432: U r the real miss TWA TWA TWA. 20 what???i want to be you when i grow up.happy anniversary!

daisyringee: Congratulations.You guys still look as young as I left you….the only evidence of the 21 years are your boys.

therealnancymoraa:❤️❤️😁😁😁 Mombasa raha ndio hiyo🙌🙌

Below is video of one of her lessons.

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