Seven foods you should avoid during your period

What you consume before and during your period is important in ensuring that your body remains healthy during and after your periods (Shutterstock)

Periods form part of the worst times for any woman. They are uncomfortable and sometimes painful. We all anticipate the end so that we can go for that swim comfortably or wear those white pants without having to worry every moment about a stain.

Well, our diet can have influence on our period – to some extent the duration, quantity and pain during our period. It is not uncommon to find yourself feeling like indulging in everything that you are craving during your Ps but remember that you have to be cautious and make sure you don’t worsen the situation in any way.

I mean this is like the one thing that comes every month that all of us wish we could unsubscribe from. Periods come with a lot of mood swings, talk about the hot flashes and emotions that we are not able to control and all these can be quite frustrating, to be honest. For instance, despite maintaining a flawless skin for weeks, you all of a sudden end up with some one or two annoying pimples or an entire breakout which toss all the hard work you have done to achieve your flawless skin out the window.

Remember that what you consume before and during your period is very important as they play a role in ensuring that your body remains healthy and has enough supply of the nutrients you need to avoid cases like iron deficiency and anemia. And on that note, below are some foods you should consider avoiding during your period.

i.Sugary foods

Commonly period cravings lead to sugary foods but they might actually be the cause of your severe cramps and bloating. Contrary to the common myth, consuming chocolate can actually be good for you. The next time an urge comes don’t feel guilty for enjoying a bar or two. Besides giving you the satisfaction, you need, chocolate can also help reduce your cramps too.

ii.Carbonated drinks

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Sodas and sweetened drinks shouldn’t be your best friends during your period. Naturally, your period already makes you bloated so consuming carbonated drinks worsens the situation and you might end up with a super bloated stomach.

iii.Processed foods

I am honestly a culprit of stuffing my face with cheese cakes, cookies and chocolate. Processed foods are a quick snack but also a great contributor to bloating during your period. I understand the cravings are insane but instead of finishing that whole pack of cookies, how about just a piece or two a day?

iv.Fried foods

The sound of burgers, fries and fried chicken sounds so enticing. These are basically the period food cravings for most people. The satisfaction that comes with consuming these during a period is unexplainable but they can lead to bloating and sometimes stomach upsets during this time. Fatty foods also increase estrogen hormones which can lead to hormonal imbalance.

Your period already makes you bloated so you should consider steering clear of foods that can make you bloat (Shutterstock)


If beans are favorite meal, you might need to consider avoiding them during your period. Beans are quite acidic and can cause bloating on a normal day now this becomes worse during your period. You can consider other alternative sources of protein during this time to help you steer clear of bloating.


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Well from my own experience, drinking a glass of wine helps reduce my flow and also reduces my period pain. But as good as this sounds, I have come to understand that consuming too much alcohol can lead to irregular periods.


We all love our morning coffee because it’s such a great way to start off our day. But if you can stay away from coffee and energy drinks during your period, then don’t hesitate. They could be the source of that severe cramping you are experiencing.

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