Seven healthy eating tips for working from home

| December 2nd 2020 at 01:00:00 GMT +0300
If you can't help yourself, avoid buying snacks altogether (Shutterstock)

Working from home used to sound like fun and games until we all had to do it during the COVID-19 period. And now most of us can barely recognize the person behind the mirror as going to the gym or being outdoors has not been an alternative for quite some time.

Don’t even get me started on the temptations that come with working from home. Simply having your favorite snack in the fridge is enough to make you take a couple of breaks to indulge.

But now it’s time to get our jeans out because those sweatpants have honestly been lying to us about the amount of weight we have gained during this period.

Studies have shown that working from home has increased the intake of food especially junk food as opposed to healthier options.


I guess it’s easier to order a pizza than a salad. I mean, if I’m to order food it has to make sense, right? Sadly, most people just don’t get excited by waiting on our salad order to get home.

That said here are some healthy eating tips to consider if you are working from home.

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1.Know when to have your snacks or meals

Yes, aside from having your Fitbit to keep track of the steps you have made, you need to have one to monitor your snacking times. And I mean even that one piece of chips you bite on your way to get a glass of water.

To make this work, schedule in time to eat your snacks and set aside the amount you need. I don’t mean the whole bag of chips. This will help you limit the amount of snacks you consume and also how many times you have your snack breaks.

2.Have and stick to a schedule

Have a schedule for all your meals. From tea time, lunch, snack and dinner. Don’t just eat because you can. This is how you ended up not fitting in those Jeans in the first place.

Have a timetable similar to the one you had when you used to go to your office or school and make sure to stick to it. If you can get an accountability partner who will help you stay in line, do so.

Have a schedule for all your meals. Don’t just eat because you can (Shutterstock)

3.Meal time is meal time

This should be a big deal. Don’t eat when watching or working as you will not be able to limit your intake. During your meal breaks sit in the dining room away from your laptop and enjoy your meal. This will make you be mindful of your portions and you won’t forget you just ate two minutes ago.

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One of the causes of weight gain is lack of sleep. Your body needs to be well rested to break down the excess fats. If you are too busy just make sure to finish work by 6 pm latest. Have your dinner and relax then sleep.

If you can sneak in some nap time during the day do so but not immediately after eating.

5.Avoid buying snacks

This is for those of us who can’t stay away from our pantries. Just avoid buying snacks. Most of us don’t eat because they want to. There are those who just eat because as they were walking to the washroom, a bag of chips was seductively staring at them and calling out their name. Keep them out of your house.

6.Meal preparation

This is the best way to watch what you eat. Just as you would do when going to the office, prepare your lunch and snack in the morning and stay away from the fridge or pantry. With meal prep you will only eat what you prepared for yourself not the first thing you lay your eyes on just because you got too lazy to cook lunch.

7.Take lots of water

Make sure to stay hydrated at all times. Drinking a lot of water will also limit the amounts of food you are able to consume at a time. This is because it will make you feel full faster and also aid in digestion to avoid cases of constipation.

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