Seven things you should never say to your partner in bed

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When it comes to sex and romance, there are numerous things you could say to a person that might instantly kill the mood.

But in case you are in need of some guidance in this department, here's a look at which phrases you should probably avoid at all costs while in bed with a partner.

A survey of nearly 2,000 Brits by adult site Vivastreet has revealed the worst phrases to say during sex.

They separated the results out into two lists, seven things you shouldn't say to women and seven things you shouldn't say to men during sex.

The phrases are listed in order, with number one being the worst thing people think you could say during sex.

Things you shouldn’t say to women during sex:

1. Saying the wrong name

2. "You remind me of my mum/dad"

3. "I need to go to the toilet"

4. "Are you done?"

5. "What’s the time?"

6. "Is that it?"

7. "What’s your name again"

Things you shouldn’t say to men during sex:

1. "Are you done?"

2. "Is that it?"

3. "I need to go to the toilet"

4. "What’s the time?"

5. Saying the wrong name

6. "You remind me of my mum/dad"

7. "What’s your name again"

Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach Sarah Rose Bright explained why saying the wrong name during sex is the worst thing you can do to a female partner.

She said: "When you are intimate with someone you are at your most vulnerable and hearing your partner call somebody else’s name, especially an ex can feel like an insult or it can seem that your partner’s attention is elsewhere."

Similarly, Somatic Sex Educator Becky Price , revealed why men really hate to be asked about their performance during sex.

She explained:"Phrases like ‘Are you done yet?’ indicates that your partner is bored and just wants you to hurry up, placing pressure on you to have an ejaculatory orgasm as soon as possible. ‘Is that it?' indicates disappointment that what you did wasn’t good enough or for long enough."?