Seven things you should stop paying for to save money

Spending less means that you save more (Photo: Shutterstock)

With the current economic climate, pay cuts and general uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it doesn’t hurt to find ways to reduce your spending just to save a little here and there.

Every month you shell out money for bills and purchases. But when you actually think about it, you can do away with some of these purchases and still live a comfortable life all while increasing your savings.

Below are things you should stop paying for to save money.


Many times we end up paying extra for bills out of neglect. Leaving water running when you’re not using it e.g. when washing your hands or dishes or failing to turn off the light in a room when you step out can make your bills higher than they should be. You’ll be paying for more than you’re actually using, therefore wasting money.


It’s okay to eat out, once in a while and as a treat. But eating out all the time could be draining your bank balance more than you know. Instead of buying breakfast and lunch every day, carry it from home. You could cook a bigger portion at dinner time and eat the leftovers for lunch. If you need something to accompany your morning cup of tea, bread or homemade pancakes or mandazis are cheaper than buying them in a restaurant.

In-App purchases

Most apps are free and can provide you with a needed service without costing you a cent. However, many like games, get tempted to pay for exclusive services and no ads. Unless you really need these extra services, avoid paying for apps or in-app purchases to save some money.

Brand names

You might have been using the same brands for years but sometimes, store-brand or generic products cost less and provide the same if not better experience.

Paying for purchases with your card

When you pay for your purchases with a card, you could have a difficult time controlling your purchases since you don’t really end up seeing how much money you spend. To help you spend less and save some money, withdraw a fixed amount from the ATM, when you need it, and pay cash, or use mobile money. This will force you to have physical evidence of how much you’re spending and help you reign in your expenditure.

Delivery fees

Where possible avoid paying extra for delivery. Sh200 here and another Sh200 there, when added up, can amount to a lot. When you make purchases online, schedule time in your week to pick them up instead of paying for delivery. If you make multiple purchases, organise to pick them on one day to save money.

False charges

Whenever you make a purchase, look at your receipt to verify that you’ve paid the right price. Sometimes the teller might have scanned things twice or maybe the barcode is wrong making you shell out more money.