Six items that are cluttering your living space

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Your living space might be feeling and looking smaller than its actual size because it’s filled with items that you no longer use. Freeing up your space will not only clear wasted space, but it will also clear your mind.

Below are items that you should declutter from your home for a clean, zen space.

  1. Receipts

Get rid of old receipts that are way past the warranty date. Food and clothes shopping, and parking receipts should be the first to go. You should, however, keep receipts for big purchases such as a television, refrigerator, sofa or mobile device. These are items that can malfunction and that warranty they gave you will come in handy at such a time.

  1. Old newspapers and magazines

If you’re never going to reread them, toss them out unless they have some sentimental value attached to them. You can also recycle these old publications and create vision boards, line your shelves or create DIY projects.

Freeing up your space will give you a clear mind (Image: Shutterstock)
  1. Old nail polish

There is a low chance that you are ever going to reapply that dried up two-year-old bottle of nail polish. Old nail polish will serve you absolutely no purpose so make room for brand new bottles by discarding the old ones.

  1. Dried up pens

Many of us have accumulated a mysterious number of pens, but how many of them can still be used for writing? Do an inventory of your pen collection and throw away all the dried up ones.

All the pens in your collection probaly don't work (Image: Shutterstock)
  1. Old chargers

With a new phone being released every (what feels like) week, we are probed to purchase them, making us build our collection of phone chargers. If you have old chargers, with broken wires, lying around, get rid of them.

  1. Old prescriptions

Any medicine that is past its recommended intake date should not be consumed whatsoever. Go through your medicine cabinet and throw out every old bottle or packet of medication.

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