Six ways you can be a better friend

Somewhat unreal but many of us don’t really know our friends properly (Shutterstock)

No friendship is perfect and most of us can attest to that. We go through hard times with our friends and mistakes are made.

At the same time, you have the chance to improve the quality of your friendships especially when you’re aware that you could do better.

The good thing is that once you realize you need to be a better friend, you can get things back on track to ensure you don’t break the bond between you and some of the most genuine people in your life.

Below are six tips that you can use to maintain a healthy balance within your friendships.

i.Get to know them

This might sound a little unreal but, many of us don’t really know our friends properly. These days technology has replaced the need for human interactions so many of us go to ‘hang out’ when in reality we’re basically sitting in a room, glued to our phones.

We need to go back to the times where friendships had more depth. You get to learn more about people’s hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes by genuinely being interested in spending time together.

Paying more attention also allows you to notice some warning signs especially when it comes to depression and suicidal signs in your friends.

ii.Encourage honesty

Honesty in a friendship is one of the qualities that people value. You can count on them to tell you the truth about certain things because you know they’re being genuine.

Although telling people the truth can be awkward, it’s very necessary.

I strongly think that friends need to nurture the culture of honesty instead of being too worried about hurting the other person’s feelings all the time.

However, even if you’re being honest, you need to communicate it in a loving way all the same.

iii.Don’t hold grudges

Friendships can teach you very valuable lessons about forgiveness. One fact in life is that everyone makes mistakes so there will come a time when you’ll offend them in one way or another. In order to move on without any resentment, you need to learn how to let things go.

I’m not encouraging you to keep toxic friends around but when it comes to those petty things, learn to forgive quickly and let go.

iv.Show some appreciation

Going that extra mile to appreciate your friends means a lot. It can be anything from buying them gifts once in a while or sending them a random message to show that you appreciate them.

This automatically sends the signal that they’re not just a fly on the wall in your life. It’s a true expression of authentic love from one friend to another.

v.Be there for them

Everyone has their own anxieties and issues so it’s all about lifting each other up. That’s what friends are for right?

There are times when you will need to remove the focus on yourself for the sake of someone else. For example, when your friend is going through grief, which is a huge deal, it’s not the right time to start complaining about your problems in a self-centered way.

You’ll need to sacrifice your own needs often so you might as well get used to that early.

vi.Back them up in their absence

It’s easy to show your pals that you care about them when they’re there with you. But, what about those times when they’re not around? Sometimes, the topic on your friends will come up when you’re having a conversation with others but that’s different from secretly throwing shade. You will come off as untrustworthy when they find out you feel differently about them in secret.

If you have an issue with them, address them directly. Don’t go airing your opinions and dislikes about her to everyone else.

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