Things you should know about shampooing your hair

Maintaining clean hair is an essential part of beauty and overall health. It is important to regularly wash and treat your hair to prevent it from getting damaged. Each day, your hair comes into contact with germs, dust and styling products that clog your pores when not taken care of.

The best way to ensure that you have a healthy scalp is by using sulphate-free shampoos that will safely cleanse your scalp.

As much as shampooing your hair is considered to be a very easy task, there are certain steps that you should consider. If not done correctly, you might end up with damaged hair. Below are some amazing tips, for shampooing your hair correctly.

  1. Use a small amount of shampoo

Experts recommend that you use a moderate amount of shampoo while washing your hair. With a small amount you will be able to wash away dirt and maintain moisture levels in your hair. Using too much shampoo will leave your hair dry and brittle, causing breakage.

You do not need shampoo your hair twice in every wash. Simply use a moderate amount that will not leave your hair dry and brittle.

  1. Show your scalp and roots some love

In order to have clean hair, you need to shampoo your whole head. However, it’s recommended that you put more emphasis on massaging the shampoo onto your scalp and roots, which are the oiliest parts of the hair and have the most buildup.

The tips of your hair are driest and constant shampooing could lead to breakage and more dryness. Pass through your tips but don’t put too much emphasis on them.

  1. Avoid using your nails

Not using your nails is an essential way to correctly shampoo your hair. In the past, many of us were guilty of scrubbing our scalps with our nails while washing. This myth claims that your scalp can only get clean by scrubbing. Contrary to this belief, scrubbing with your nails damages your scalp. This can result in wounds which can get infected. Additionally, your scalp won’t be properly cleaned. It is advisable to only use your palms and fingertips to massage in the shampoo.

  1. Stick to one motion when rubbing

Another key tip to correctly shampooing your hair is working from the roots to the tips in one motion. Twisting your hair in all sorts of directions while washing will only get it tangled up and damaged. Once tangled up hair dries, it is a nightmare to get rid of the knots and tangles that formed while washing. Prevent this by massaging your scalp in one direction, preferably horizontally.

  1. Use warm water before final rinse

It is recommended that you wash your hair with warm water throughout and only use cold water for the final rinse. The warm water opens the cuticles on your hair strands making it possible for dirt to lift off. To finish off, you can rinse your hair with cold water to close the cuticles and maintain moisture levels. Keep this in mind the next time you wash your hair.

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