Wash and Set actor O'Neal Nyanje diagnosed with cancer! Needs your help

Wash and Set actor O'Neal Nyanje diagnosed with cancer! Needs your help

Friends, fans and family of actor O’Neal Nyanje are praying for him after he was diagnosed with cancer a few days ago.

The actor, who is well known for popular TV shows including Saida and Wash and Set, has started an agressive 8 weekly sessions (minimum) of Chemotherapy on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.
His wife Jenna Nyanje narrates how they discovered O’Neal had cancer.

“These first couple weeks of June however, we’ve faced some health discoveries that have been hard, heartbreaking and have caught us short of breath.”

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Jenna said,

“For about a year and a half O’Neal has had on again off again back pain. We have typically attributed it to his go-go-go grip on life.  A few months ago, around the time Kenya shut down due to COVID, we noticed a significant dip.  Where O’Neal was pretty bound to the couch throughout the day and nothing much extra.”

She continued,

“He had gotten an MRI done a while back which had told us that a bulged disk was pinching his nerve.  With that knowledge and with all offices (like physical therapy) shutting down, we took the ‘wait and rest’ as our only option.  As the pain grew we knew it was time to find some help.  We were blessed to finally find an orthopedic surgeon who asked to admit O’Neal for the weekend to run a bunch of tests and exams.  The second MRI now done, came back with multiple fractures in the spine, ribs and hips. Hinting strongly to Multiple Myeloma. Cancer.”

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“A bone marrow biopsy confirmed what we couldn’t and don’t want to imagine…  O’Neal has been diagnoses with Multiple Myeloma.  A cancer attacking his bones.

“Speaking as his wife, I can personally testify to watching O’Neal standing in full knowledge that God is good regardless of unimaginable pain around him.  I can count some of his life events that would knock down most.  O’Neal knows a God that doesn’t leave when life has felt, as it does now, too hard.  And if I know my husband, that is what he will spend the majority of his treatment speaking to others about. If only they could know the God he loves who has kept his feet firm though countless hardships.  Including this one.”

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She asked everyone “to gather the saints and pray. Pray hard.”

There is a Caring Bridge page that you can follow to get updates along the way and donate towards his treatment.