'We have tried his phone, it isn't going through!' Paul Manyasi's parents lament

'We have tried his phone, it isn't going through!' Paul Manyasi's parents lament

Paul Manyasi is the mystery man claimed to have stowed away in a Kenya Airways flight to London on June 30, 2019.

His frozen body dropped off from a landing KQ plane into a garden in an affluent Southern London suburb.

“The last time I saw him, we were at work, he suddenly disappeared, nobody knows where he went,” a lady identified as Irene told Sky News.

Paul Manyasi
Paul Manyasi

She narrated how Manyasi had proposed to her and they were planning to get married.

“I just liked him the way he was. We had agreed one day maybe we could make a family. I just feel like I lost someone who I loved so much – yes, I miss him,” she gushed.

Irene filled in the blanks on how the now missing Manyasi may have planned his mission.

She said that Manyasi had been assigned to clean the area outside but he was nowhere to be seen at the end of the shift.

“I called his phone and it was off. When we came in the morning the following day the supervisor called us and told us there is somebody missing.”

Kenya Airways maiden flight

Irene added that they were requested to keep it hush hush “until we know the person”.

When she was presented with the items that Manyasi was last seen with she identified the rag sack right off the bat.

Sky News also contacted the parents in Kakamega. They said neither the police nor the airport authorities had contacted them about their son.

“No one has got in touch,” the father, Isaac Manyasi said.

“I don’t know where to start or end because his [the son’s] phone is not working,” his mother said when asked whether the have tried looking for their son.

She said she wants his body brought home and buried in her family land … “but the expenses”.

The father reiterated, “Let him stay [in the UK]. Those are too many expenses. Soil is just soil.”

The Kenya Airports Authority has unleashed a statement saying, Paul Manyasi is not the stated stowaway.

Check it out below.

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