What a woman! Size 8 introduces beautiful Akorino mother-in-law (Photo)

What a woman! Size 8 introduces beautiful Akorino mother-in-law (Photo)

Size 8 has for the first time introduced her mother-in-law, DJ Mo’s mother to the online community.

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Size 8 showered her with love, thanking her for being supportive.

Size 8
Size 8 and her mother-in-law

She has been there for me thru and thru I can never repay her only God can. God bless our mum Mrs Kanyingi…’ she posted.

Size 8 lost her biological mother Esther to Kidney related illness in 2015, a day after she gave birth to her first daughter, Ladasha Wambo.

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DJ Mo has in the past introduced his two sisters online though they keep a low profile away from the limelight.

DJ Mo and his sisters
DJ Mo and his sisters

Fans of Size 8 have reacted to her photo with mother-in-law and reactions include;

njeri_kanyingi Kanyingis are always extra kind and caring😍…..mko sure mm si wenu😂

belindaellen No one like mums💓💓

suehybz Its a blessing to have a supportive and loving mum in love

kirubikaruga May God bless her abundantly

laura_waswala Shooooshoooo!!!!! Love love her and her advises for me…ata kama munanichokozanga

mercyshiko So cute❤️

shikum Looking good Nani amenotice posture ya kichwa ni kama inafanana

sherrey_max Huyu ndie anafundisha wambo kutweng @size8reborn

Size 8 Introduces Sister-In-Love, DJ Mo’s Sibling, To The Public (PHOTOS)