Why you need a makeup cleanser in your skincare toolkit

No more rinsing your face before bedtime (Shutterstock)

All hail to the latest inventions in the makeup industry. It is such a relief that with the current makeup advancements, ladies no longer have to worry about their skin drying or getting damaged from mixing different makeup products.

The best part about all this is that you no longer even have to waste time in the bathroom washing out makeup at night, you can simply use a makeup remover that does the job superbly. Makeup removers are often confused with makeup cleansers, sometimes even used interchangeably but they are not the same thing.

The difference between a makeup remover and cleanser

Makeup removers and makeup cleansers all have one major role, they both remove makeup from the skin surface. However, a makeup cleanser will not only remove makeup but it will also remove other dirt, sebum and pore-clogging impurities that may mix with other bacteria to damage or irritate your skin.

Cleansers come in different textures and a variety of compositions, it is important to go for one that suits your skin type and routine best. Always use a makeup cleanse every night before going to bed to keep your skin clean and rejuvenated.

The benefits of using a makeup cleanser

No rinse required: Long gone are the days you will have to skimp washing your face after a long day of work because it is too cold or you are too tired. With cleansers all you need is some cotton bud and your cleanser and you are good to go. After cleaning your face with a cleanser you don’t have to rinse again with water and soap.

Makeup cleansers leave your skin moist and hydrated (Shutterstock)

Cleanses all dirt: Worried about putting makeup? Well that cleanser has your back. As mentioned before, unlike a makeup remover a cleanser will clear all impurities and all other pore-clogging. Meaning your face will not only be clean but it will also be safe from irritation and acne breakouts.

Gentle on skin: Unlike the washing process that can be a little rough on the skin with all the rubbing out of makeup involved, cleansers are much lighter and gentle on the skin. As mentioned before all you need is your cleanser and some cotton bud and slowly rub it onto your skin and the dirt will all come out without a hassle.

Moisturizes skin: A simple makeup remover and washing will only remove the dirt and this might leave your skin too dry. This of course will cause some irritation to your skin and even lead to acne pop ups. When using cleansers, they have a moisturizing element that maintains your skin balance and keeps it moist and hydrated.

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