Woman, children held on suspicion of killing husband

Wangari claimed that she arrived home from work and found her husband with severe injuries (Photo: Shutterstock)

When 59-year-old Charles Thairu, a car spare parts dealer drove home on Tuesday last week, all he looked forward to was a good rest. He, however, had no idea that he was about to go through hell and never return to identify his tormentors.

Although the accounts of that Tuesday night are still fuzzy, tightly guarded by relatives unwilling to let off a dark family secret, snippets of what happened are blood-curdling.

At first, it appeared Thairu had been attacked outside his home, at Ebenezer in Barnabas Area, Nakuru County, while in his car and left for dead.

This is the narrative the family offered. He had deep cuts on the head, fractures on both legs, and bruises on the left hand.

According to police, one of Thairu's children, his son, killed the father with a crude weapon inside their house. He then bundled him in his (Thairu's) vehicle before hurriedly driving to Mediheal Hospital at around 8am pleading to have him treated.

But the hospital management raised the alarm and referred them to Mwariki Police Station because the man was pronounced dead on arrival.

It is at this point that the son allegedly went into hiding, according to the investigator's account.

After initial investigations, three family members -- Thairu's wife, Jacinta Wangari, their 23-year-old son and 24-year-old daughter -- have been arrested and locked up in custody for interrogation.

Nakuru County Criminal Investigations Officer Micheal Mwenze said the suspect killed the businessman, accusing him of being in disagreement with his mother most of the time.

According to the police, Wangari claimed that she arrived home from work where she sells clothes and found her husband with severe injuries.

She added that the injured man was in his vehicle and that she only realised that he had passed on when they got to the hospital.

"The wife told investigators that she found her husband inside his car outside their gate, having been seriously injured on the head," said Mwenze.

Police visited the crime scene and established there were bloodstains in one of the bedrooms.

They added that sections of the house had been cleaned apparently to conceal the act.

Police recovered a stone and a broken whiskey bottle inside the vehicle, believed to have been used to assault Thairu.

"The police were informed that the assailant cleaned the house and later went into hiding to avoid being arrested," said the investigator.

The body was taken to Nakuru County mortuary pending an autopsy.

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, the suspect surrendered himself to Mwariki Police Station and was later handed over to DCI Nakuru East for interrogation.

After his surrender, he led the police to Ndege Ndimu area, in Bahati Sub-county, where he had hidden burnt blood-stained clothes belonging to his father.

He also buried the weapons used to commit the said murder, also recovered in an open field at Ndege Ndimu area.

There were two iron metal rods, one iron file with bloodstains, remains of burnt pieces of clothing, and two partially burnt syringes.

According to neighbours, the couple has been having domestic wrangles.

Elsewhere at Ahero village in Maili Tisa, Bahati Sub-county, a 66-year-old man was found beheaded and his head thrown into a water tank while the body was thrown in a rubbish pit.

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