Kibra poll: Jubilee choice of Mariga turns to nightmare

Kibra poll: Jubilee choice of Mariga turns to nightmare
  • Aspirants eyeing party ticket want gazetting of football star's name halted until they present their grievances to tribunal.

Aspirants eyeing a Jubilee ticket to contest in the Kibra parliamentary by-election want party to recall and halt the gazetting of the nomination of football star MacDonald Mariga, citing the process was fraudulent.

The aspirants, who spoke to the media in Nairobi Wednesday, expressed their disappointment in the nomination terming it as a charade.


Mr Morris Peter Kinyanjui, who is one of the aspirants, says that the nomination procedure should have followed the due process which is either nomination by consensus, secret ballot or any other democratic method agreed upon by members.

“It is very disappointing that there was a selection where the national elections board was used to enable a pre-agreed upon sham whereby one candidate Mariga, who is not even from Kibra should get the nomination no matter what happens,” he added.

Jubilee Party on Monday nominated McDonald Mariga as its flag-bearer in the Kibra mini-poll. The football start will compete against Democratic Party candidate Dorn Anaclet and Ford Kenya’s Butichi Khamisi. The ODM candidate will be announced on Saturday after the party’s nomination.

The Kibra seat fell vacant following the death of MP Ken Okoth on July 26 from cancer. The by-election is set for November 7.

The Jubilee aspirants further said that it is not the role of the Jubilee national elections board, chaired by Andrew Musangi to participate in the nomination process but rather they should only supervise.

“The national elections board has conducted themselves improperly and played along with this charade. We call upon you to recall your farce decision, conduct actual nominations as required by Article 11 of the Jubilee constitution and thereafter resign so as to avoid causing division in the party,” Mr. Kinyanjui added.

Mr. Kinyanjui was in the company of other Jubilee aspirants who included Ibrahim Said, Jack Owino, Ramadhan Daniel Orongo, Hussein, Frank Amollo, Geoffrey Mwangi and Elly Omondi.

Mr. Geoffrey Mwangi told the media that they cannot agree to be forced upon a nomination without due process. “There are laws and rules on nomination to be followed by the party, how comes we are not following them?” he asked.

The aspirants, who will submit their grievances to the Party Dispute Tribunal, further said they cannot not allow any imposer in the Kibra nominations, adding that the party should ensure that the nominations are done afresh in an open, fair and transparent manner before the September 10 deadline by IEBC.