Waititu no-show to NTV interview

Waititu no-show to NTV interview
  • He was expected to speak about his next move even as he fights his impeachment in court.

Impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Thursday evening failed to show up for a much anticipated interview on NTV.

The ex-county boss, who had confirmed attendance, did an about-turn at the last minute and could not be found on the phone.

The politician was expected to speak about his next move even as he fights his impeachment in court.

On Thursday, Mr Waititu went to court to challenge his ouster as the second governor of Kiambu, hours after his impeachment was confirmed by the Senate.

This is even as the process of swearing in his deputy gained momentum after the ceremony failed to go on on Thursday morning as was anticipated.

Kiambu County Secretary and Head of Public Service Martin Mbugua has now gazetted Friday, January 31, 2020 as the new date for the swearing-in ceremony of Dr James Nyoro as the new Governor.

In a Gazette notice published on Thursday, Mr Mbugua indicated the new date, venue and time of the ceremony in record time shortly after Justice John Onyiego, who was to preside over the event, did not show up and later raised concerns.

According to the judge, the planned swearing-in ceremony could not go on because the Committee on the Assumption of Governor’s office had failed to follow the right procedure.

From his explanation, the same legal conditions used to swear in a governor after an election apply to swearing in a deputy governor to the top seat.

Section11 (2) of the Assumption of Office of Governor requires the governor to be sworn in on the first Thursday after the tenth day following declaration of results of the county governor.

“I understand the modification relating to shortening of the 10 days period but that has not been done,” said the judge in a statement.

At the same time, former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo argued that an impeached county boss should vacate the position with his deputy.

Mr Kabogo said he was vindicated by Mr Waititu’s impeachment, saying Kiambu people are not getting the services they require.

He distanced himself from the woes bedevilling the ousted governor, saying he had no hand in his impeachment.

The former governor said he would not vie for the top seat in Kiambu if elections were to be held today, adding that it was too early to think about polls.