Celebrities seeking political seats

Celebrities seeking political seats

For some time now, youthful celebrated persons have been tossing themselves into the murky waters of politics. Some have won the hearts of their constituents while others flop. With the next General Election looming, we look at some of the stars who are willing to ditch the glitz and glam to “work for the people”.


The popular comedian is going for the Langata MP seat, now under youthful politician, Nixon Korir.

“I am going to be the next MP for Langata. Youth change your votes. Come and vote for us to build a new Langata. I am campaigning for myself. I am very serious; I am the next MP of Langata. Mark this day!”

Tony Kwalanda

The sports anchor, moderator, and influencer is busy wooing the people of Manda Shivanga Ward, Kakamega County, building pit latrines at schools and talking to his intended voters in churches, schools, and attending fundraisers for different purposes.

“On Monday, I officially handed over the newly built pit latrine to the leadership of Munanga (Primary) School in Manda Shivanga Ward, Kakamega county. This was from my personal donation, my friends, and my supporters,” reads one of his latest tweets.

Miggy Champ

The Falling Falling singer was recently in Kisii donating solar street lights to beneficiaries in Magenche ward, sharing the photos on his social media pages. He says that what he is doing, including donating plastic chairs and piano to churches is just him giving back, not necessarily a campaign tactic.

“Basically, for the past four years, I have been pushing for people of Magenche Ward and the larger Bomachoge Borabu Constituency to register as voters and choose good leaders come 2022. I’m throwing my eyes around looking for potential leaders to support... Leaders who will help our people,” said the singer and event MC born Omari Migisi.

According to him, it’s the people who have declared that they want him on the ballot.

Shay Diva

The shy soft-spoken musician has been described as the flashiest young musician of our time. For some it’s a dream, but Shay lives the high life on a daily basis. Although she maintained she is humble and down to earth, she is a non-relenting businesswoman and maintains her class while at it.

Apart from music, she also has her eyes set on becoming an MCA.

“I am well aware of the problems that youths and women face in our respective counties and I am ready to stand in the gap. I am very vocal about women empowerment and I have a team that is working tirelessly to make this a dream come true,” said the 29-year old.

Millicent Mugadi

The former actress pulled a surprise when she declared candidacy to vie for the position of county assembly representative just after her stunt at the continental Big Brother show.

Now serving her second term as Ziwani MCA, she has declared her interest in unseating current Starehe MP Charles Njagua (Jaguar).


Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG has shown interest to represent residents of the Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course in the Nairobi county assembly.

The hype man has been on a campaign trail selling his agenda and hoping to capitalise on his connection with Pulsers.   “This is my backyard. It is where I was raised and nothing will give me more pride than representing my people,” he says.


The P-Unit frontman is not a first-time contender. Francis Amisi unsuccessfully tried to join the race in the 2017 election but was allegedly ‘bought’ out of the Athi River MCA race.

Frasha has been involved in several community projects in his Athi River backyard where he was raised, and was at one time close to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua before the two allegedly fell off.

Frasha, known to keep his identity almost a mystery when he broke into the scene, has embraced a more official and serious look as he eyes a public office.

Kaladze Vidze

Kaladze Vidze is a percussionist, a rapper who rhymes in Giriama, an actor on the hugely successful and critically acclaimed film The Letter, and now, the aspiring ward representative for Port Reitz ward, in Mombasa county.

The film was Kenya’s Oscar submission to the 93rd Academy Awards by Mai Lekow and Christopher King.

Tumekuwa tukinyanyaswa na kutumiwa kuchagua viongozi so it’s high time we choose our own,” said the soft-spoken creative officially known as Wilson Karisa.

“So, my fellow youth and people in my area (Port Reitz) have decided to represent them. My profile says it all because I have been doing volunteer projects in my community and they have seen my impact.”

Portreitz is the home of Ukoo Flani, and a number of the artistes have been vocal on social media marketing Kaladze.


The honcho of Grandpa Records, who was born and raised in Kibera, is speculated to be eyeing the Kibera seat. He’s been busy running community empowerment projects in the area but is still coy about declaring his intentions for the seat.

”There are more important things than declaring your candidature,” says Refigah, born Yusuf Noah, when we reached out. “There are a lot of activities to be done as of now, like more community work and voter registration. The reason the ongoing voter turn-out is low is because people have trauma towards elections, and politicians have gained a bad reputation.”


Just as DNG, Gabriel Kagundu is also gunning for the Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course seat in Nairobi county. Though he had occasionally denied reports that he would be on the ballot, he finally announced his interest during the voter registration exercise that officially ended this week.